Unfraudable: Patch Note 2/15/2019


  1.  Fail to save signatures.
  2. Under the Sesure-sign mode, clicking “Confirm Attestation” will relocate to 400 error.
  3. Fail to display “Continue to this order” and “View orders”.
  4. Displaying error on Signature page.
  5. Payment page loading error.
  6. Account/orders.php wasn’t able to visit.
  7. Fail to remove unaccepted inviting orders.
  8. Redesign of OrderDetails.php.
  9. Dashboard cell phone value not updating after editing.
  10. Dashboad username value not updating after editing.
  11. ID Preview is smaller than the acutal uploading size.
  12. Slot indicator was redesigned.
  13. Name change from Covenate to Unfraudable Online E-sign Platform.
  14. Click “Begin Attestation” can cause the failure of starting the process.
  15. Support all types of file format.
  16. Update Reminder: the recording time must longer than 10s.


  1. UI/UE update.
  2. Fix the documents uploading problems. Cancel the function of uploading two files at the same time. 
  3. Verification system update: Treaty/ Reading content of video recording process/ Multi-Test
  4. Change “Unfraudable Creates” to “unfraudable provides unlimited free e-sign service”
  5. Change subscription plans.