Unfraudable: Patch Note 12/4/2018

Bug fix:

  1. Menu switching error
  2. Signature save button not functioning bug
  3. improved signing accuracy


  1. Product update
    1. Light mode release
    2. pre-set signature area function.
    3. evidence package download function.
    4. Evidence package link in email receipt.
    5. mode selection interface
    6. Process detection: participants must sign at least during signing procedure
    7. Process detection: participants must finish reading every single page of the document before finish signing.
  2. Other updates
    1. Patch note page release
    2. slogan adjustment
    3. website word change
    4. mail template update
      1. register email template
      2. forgot password email template
      3. payment email template
      4. invitation email templates
      5. confirmation email templates

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