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Designed to Sign Valuable Documents Online

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Designed to Sign Valuable Documents Online

Why E-Sign?
60% of people print and sign documents, and then scan them back into their device and upload to their system. Unfraudable e-sign platform can save 90% of the time on signing process, and we can protect your important documents from being lost, destroyed or stolen.

More About Unfraudable
Unfraudable believes electronic signature should be as authentic as a handwritten signature, so we’ve created a platform that allows you to skip the hassle of the inconvenient in-person signing process.

How do we do it?
Our identity verification system will confirm signatory’s identity and intention to ensure all the e-signatures from Unfraudable are as authentic as in-person signatures.

Our secure e-sign system applied blockchain technology. All the evidence will be turned into unreadable hash code, and stored in a secure and transparent blockchain. Once the document is signed, it will not be able to be changed or destroyed by any chance.

Plus, blockchain can verify the originality of electronic evidence. Therefore, if there were a law dispute, the blockchain system would be able to attest whether the signed document is the original copy.

 Reduce sale cycle

 Protect the content’s originality

 0 cost on contract signing and delivery

 Sign investment contract over distance

 Confirm and record both parties’ intention

 We encrypt the contract content into blockchain records

 Creating unforgeable, undeniable and indestructible evidence

 The contract is effective immediately once signed

 Shorten your loan agreement signing process by 80%

 Protect the content’s facticity

 Confirm and record both parties’ intention

 No witness needed

 Video evidence to guarantee the facticity of the will statement

 Content will be encrypted into blockchain records

 On-chain record is unchangeable and indestructible

 Multi-chain option available

 No Witness needed

 Protect the content’s originality

 Identity verification ensures the authenticity of the agreements

 Reduce effective pending time

 Legal binding Agreements

 Bet on terms will be encrypted into blockchain records

 On-chain record is unchangeable and indestructible

In the business of attesting documents, Covenate believes e-signature should be as authentic as a paper signature, so we’ve created a platform that allows you to skip the hassle of inconvenient onsite witness services. We give you an easier way to attest your documents, and it’s just as official as a lawyer-notarized paper document.

The difference? It’s online, so you can attest your documents from the comfort of your home, in a fraction of the time.

How do we do it? We encrypt document into blockchain records. As technology evolves, so do we. We give you the opportunity to sign serious documents remotely through the secure and transparent blockchain system, a process that shortcuts all the hassle whilst still producing an authenticated document that is court-ready and ready to serve as official evidence.

Why Use Unfraudable?

Free to use

It is absolutely free to sign and store documents with Unfraudable. We sincerely invite you to experience a better e-sign solution which applies Blockchain technology to evidence attestation.

Flexible Modes

We provide two type of e-sign service, Traditional E-sign and Secure Sign , to fulfill different demands for identity verification and documents storage.

Reinforced Verification

Unfraudable Secure Sign uses a patented verification system to confirm signatory’s identity and intention to make sure all the e-signatures are legally binding to the real person.

Legal Binding

Unfraudable is compliant with all major e-signature laws including UETA and eIDS. Our verification system and blockchain network ensure your documents are kept safe and legal.


Unfraudable is a platform designed to sign valuable documents. All user data are protected by business level security provided by AWS. Moreover, online communications between you and Unfraudable are secured by SSL layer. And our blockchain network also keeps indestructible evidence.

Authenticity & Privacy

We provide extreme privacy to our signatories. Blockchain allows any user to verify the originality of electronic evidence without seeing the content. Plus, no one can change the content once the document is stored on Blockchain.


We have multiple plans available.


Per Month
  • Unlimited Free E-sign
  • Blockchain Usage15 / mo
  • Type of Document*100+
  • Number of SignersUp to 4
  • Decentralized ProofIncluded
  • Customer ServiceASAP


Per Month
  • Unlimited Free E-sign
  • Plus FeaturesAll Included
  • Sub-Accounts5 (More?)
  • Decentralized ProofIncluded
  • Administration ControlAvailable
  • Customer ServicePrioritized

*: We will convert files into PDF format, to see all support files please click here.

**: Additional subaccounts can be purchased for $15 per account.


  • Q1 2018

    Project start-up. Product conception. System development.

  • Q2 2018

    Prototype Test

  • Q3 2018

    Seeding Stage

  • Q4 2018

    Beta Launching

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Unfraudable is a Blockchain applied e-Signature platform designed to sign legal binding documents. Since digital contracts were created for the purpose of replacing paper, they should carry as much authenticity and legal validity as paper contracts. Therefore, Unfraudable framed an online e-Sign system to give digital documents the equivalent authenticity and reliability of witnessed paper documents by preventing signers from denying signing intention, forging evidence or contract fraud.

Unfraudable provides a platform that allows you to record a digital signature within Blockchain technology. The Blockchain will record your signature in what is called a “distributed ledger”. This gives you the very same authenticity of a paper document which has been notarized.

Furthermore, every individual in the blockchain network serves as “witnesses” who have an encrypted, unreadable version of your files in their portion of this blockchain network and will be able to attest to the authenticity of the Blockchain ledger.

Despite this, no one in that network is able to change the signed documents. That is impossible, even if the server is hacked. Not even our company can change your “Unfraudabled” files. Therefore, we provide the most powerful witness evidence.

The answer is Yes. Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA) has been adopted 47 states. The rest three states, Illinois, New York, and Washington have implemented their own regulation of ESIGN Act. Therefore, it is commonly known that e-signatures and electric records are legally binding under the terms of this legislation.

However, simply putting two name symbols on a document online does not make it legal. As UETA suggests, electronic signature processes should consider:

- Authentication / Consent / Intent to be bound / Attribution / Security / Record Retention

Authentication – Unfraudable have double-verification system to authenticate the signatory’s identity. Verification content will be only viewed by participants and stored in Blockchain.

Consent – Each individual will have his own private account, and documents and files will be managed and stored in AWS server.

Intent to be bound – Video verification process will confirm signatory’s intention once the document is signed, and the video evidence will be encrypted and stored in Blockchain.


  1. All Unfraudable documents are encrypted using SHA 256-bit encryption.
  2. For any document in transit to be signed, all communications are encrypted using SSL to secure any transactions.
  3. Electronic signature will combine with audit trail, tamper sealing, and Blockchain evidence storage.
  4. All of the documents and evidence will be stored in Blockchain. Once data was on blockchain, evidence will not be changed or hacked. Therefore, even if someone were able to bypass physical security and access a hard drive, they wouldn’t be able to delete or make any change on your data.

Record retention - All customer files have a hot backup in a different AWS region and all of our source code and hash codes encrypted from documents are stored in IBM Hyperledger Blockchain. This ensures your data remains secure and unforgeable.

Unfraudable is not an authorized notary service due to government licensing and the lack of an official notary seal. However, we do serve a very similar purpose to a standard notary and our validation will likely hold up in court (see below). In some ways, it is even more secure than a standard notary and that greater security can even be purchased at a lower cost.

We have strong beliefs around our users’ privacy, especially the kind of highly sensitive content that requires witness. Therefore Unfraudable.com does not use any user`s data for research or commercial uses. We also operate by principles to keep your data safe. For instance, your order will be given its own unique “token”, and only your unique token which no one else has access to will open up the encrypted file containing the data of your secure signature.

And as for the security of the blockchain itself, it may be helpful to understand a little about how it works. There is an encrypted copy of the distributed ledger on each computer in the network, to protect the file…. However, it is impossible for them to crack the encryption and gain access to your file, because:

  1. We do not store your entire document onto the blockchain, so there is no way that that they can access the document.
  2. The way we encrypted our file involves 2^6144 different combinations, Which is more than the number of atoms in the entire universe.
  3. The method we use to encrypt the file is a one-way encryption technique, which is impossible to reverse.

Blockchain records all the evidence whereas nobody can change it or read the content.

Blockchain’s intent is to replace an external, trusted third party (including the need for certificate authorities), and also prevent anyone from being able to go backwards and cover their tracks if they corrupted an entry. It means once documents are signed through Unfraudable, they will be kept on Blockchain forever, and the evidence become indestructible. Moreover, it provides extreme privacy to participants because Blockchain will be the only “Witness”.

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